About Allen

Allen Whiting, was born at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital in 1946. He was raised and continues to live and work on the family farm in West Tisbury. An early fascination with painting and subsequent training has allowed Allen to pursue landscapes for over 50 years. He has shown in major US cities and painted worldwide. The Davis House on State Road in West Tisbury is where he resides with his wife, Lynne. It is also where their seasonal gallery has existed since 1982. Allen is pleased that his muse has not abandoned him and that the craft of painting has never been more challenging or exciting.

A Painter Who Farms

A portrait of Allen’s life was created by filmmakers David & Barbarella Fokos http://www.saltandsugarproductions.com/, and produced by Chris & Sheila Morse (Morse Productions).

The film made its debut to two sold out screenings at the 2018 MV Film Festival in March, 2018. (www.tmvff.org).

You can watch the trailer here.

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