Summer 2018 Continues....

We wait all year for July and here it is! It’s true that we “make hay when the sun shines” And shine, the sun has indeed!

Last week, Albert Fischer captured this photo of Allen in his other role of farmer. That hay is in the barn, while our other fields await his attention. Painting happens in small bursts, mostly of flowers in the shade.

Our apologies for the absence of new images. Technical challenges will be resolved soon, at least we hope so!

In the meantime, if you haven't seen "A Painter Who Farms", it will be shown on Wed., August 1 at the FilmCenter. For film info. See our About page. The following day we will host another gathering in the Gallery from 6-8 pm.

Image: "Quiet After the Storm"
2017 - 48" x 72"