Summer 2020

New Paintings for the Season

"For 50 years, the seasonal nature of MV has dictated the rhythms of my painting. Labor Day always brings a great sense of freedom and abandon. As summer wanes, I am able to get back to my easel, setting my course for the coming year’s work. The three issues that influenced me this past year were frames, supports and surfaces.

Limiting my field studies, I revisited a large collection of work from earlier times. I looked to draw fresh inspiration from the crudest tiny pieces abandoned in the corners of my studio. The less information they offered, the better. With few details, I attempted to draw fresh images from within, taxing my imagination. I nursed the spirit of my recollection, not the details of the original location, freeing my hand and fueling my romantic nature.

Secondly, a dread of framing led me to repurpose my collection of antique frames. Gessoed panels were created to fit and this show began to take shape. The result is a combination of romantic remembrances as well as new additions from the outdoors. Lastly, I experimented widely with different varnishes leaving some surfaces very shiny, but inviting. The jury is still out."

"Davis House in the Rain" - Oh! How we could use some!

Allen Whiting, West Tisbury Mass., Summer 2020